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We are an autonomous and independent chapter of the American Payroll Association formed in 1984. We are a non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide continuing education to Payroll, Finance and Human Resource professionals. Along with education, we offer community service opportunities for all members. Our members consist of Payroll, Human Resource and Finance professionals and vendors in the Payroll, Tax and Human Resource fields. All sizes of businesses are represented.

We offer monthly educational and networking opportunities, sponsor both CPP and FPC study groups each year to help members with their preparation for the exams. Certified instructors also earn RCHs for CPP re-certification. The Atlanta Chapter also hosts the Georgia Statewide Conference annually.

Our chapter meetings serve as a foundation for the group to network and develop lasting friendships with fellow payroll/HR professionals. We also offer a great opportunity for members to learn about issues affecting payroll in our area. As a member, you can earn RCHs for CPP and FPC recertification at our meetings.

Being involved with our chapter during National Payroll Week (NPW) can be great fun! We have a variety of community service, educational outreach and other celebrations.

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